Voices From a Small Island

Our new production Voices From a Small Island will be touring to community venues and arts centres late Autumn 2019 and will remain in our repertoire until spring 2020.

Voices From a Small Island is an innovative blend of video projection, audio, soundtrack and live performance. It is an inventive mix of verbatim and from-real-life-testimony theatre with a diverse cast of characters on film and audio and one live performer on stage creating intimate theatre that is welcoming and immediate.

Under the watchful and guiding eyes of Award winning Matt Woodhead, Director of Lung Theatre, Voices From a Small Island is entertaining, thought provoking and a far cry from the “talking heads” format of many verbatim plays.

It is based on conversations with 1000 people on the Isle of Thanet, now no longer an island separated from mainland Britain but with still a distinctive personality … an island mentality? … it is in many ways a microcosm of the British Isles in the 21st century.

The people of Thanet are a mixed bunch and they do enjoy chatting. They chatted about what is great about living in Thanet and what’s not, about change – for the better or the worse, about friction and tolerance, about gentrification and those strange folk moving in, about joy and sadness, anger, dismay, about bigotry, racism, sexism, friendliness and friendlessness, about work and jobs and unemployment, poverty, food banks, about nostalgia, about politics and about the past, the present and the future and about the people they live cheek by jowl with.

We have curated the words and thoughts given to us by these 1000 people and have created a rousing piece of modern multi-media theatre. The performance lasts 70 minutes and after a short interval we will guide a conversation with the audience about their lives, their community.

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